City of Ocala

Agenda Item

The License Agreement with FSL Bomber Baseball, LLC, the Purchase and Sale Agreement with Ocala Trophy Ltd., and the Interlocal Agreement, Lease, and Quit Claim Deed with Marion County for Stadium Premises Ownership.

Authorize transmittal of all documents with the exception of the Interlocal Agreement, Lease Agreement and Quick Claim Deed to Marion County requesting:

1. Marion County agrees to place the Stadium project on the ballot for sales tax referendum (1/2 cent local option sales tax for five years) no later than March 31, 2014. 2. Marion County agrees to own the Stadium premises by December 31, 2013. 3. Marion County agrees to fund one-half the referendum cost, not to exceed $175,000. 4. Marion County agrees to include SW 49th Avenue as part of the Stadium project managed by the City. 5. Marion County agrees to dedicate up to $60 million in local option sales tax revenue to the Stadium project, $1.6 million (per statute) to each municipality, and establish a citizen oversight committee to ensure remaining tax proceeds are spent on projects that will increase sustainable tourism opportunities, and create jobs.

- Springs protection, restoration and enhancement
- Expanded recreation activities
- Improved access to equestrian activities and locations
- Infrastructure supporting new or expanding businesses


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Category:Agreement/ContractProjects:Economic Hub, Quality of Place

Meeting History

Nov 5, 2013 4:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

City Manager Brower briefed Council on the agreements with FSL Bomber Baseball, Ocala Trophy and Interlocal Agreement with Marion County. Council Member Musleh questioned if there are contingencies in place should the City be unable to reach an agreement regarding any part of the documents that will make the signed agreement with the Yankees and Ocala Trophy null and void. Mr. Brower responded in the affirmative. Council Member Musleh inquired about the timeline for the City to complete the referendum with the County. Mr. Brower responded is to have the Marion Board of County Commissioners approve the Ordinance for the referendum on the first reading in December 2013 and have the second reading for approval at the first meeting in January 2014. He stated the City is requesting the Marion Board of County Commissioners establish the referendum for March 2014 and if it is approved, construction should begin in August of 2014 with completion in the spring of 2016.

Mayor Guinn asked if Council is doing anything different than what is in front of him. Mr. Brower responded staff will transmit all five documents tonight including the License Agreement with the Yankees and the Property Acquisition Agreement with Ocala Trophy as executed documents. He stated staff recommends the City delay approval of Interlocal Agreement, the Lease Agreement and the Quit Claim Deed until after the Marion County work session scheduled for Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. Mr. Mondell stated the work session will be held at the County Commission Chambers. President Rich asked if Commissioner Zalak would like to speak. Commissioner Zalak responded in the negative. Council Member Owen commented the delay in approval will give the County flexibility to make changes to the agreement.

Landis Curry Jr., 21 NE 1st Avenue, commented he does not hear support from the community for a sales tax to carry the proposal. He expressed concerns regarding the impact on lower income families, and the disproportionate impact on commercial and industrial tenants. He suggested a survey should be conducted in the community. City Manager Brower confirmed a survey was completed by a private entity showing support of the project.

Douglas Sheer, 2301 SE 85th Street, requested Council explain the purchase of the property without a vote of the citizens.

MOVER:Daniel Owen, Council Member
SECONDER:John McLeod, Council Member
AYES:John McLeod, Suzy Heinbockel, Jay A. Musleh, Daniel Owen, Mary Sue Rich